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Lhasa to Kathmandu Bike Ride Part 2

Day 5  Gyantze to Shigatze 94km – relatively flat riding Breakfast this morning was just one dish after another starting with rock hard corn cereal pellets and oats. Then came a fried egg, fried capsicum, toast and lastly broccoli and bok choy. Also on the table when we arrived was a chilli pineapple combo, peanuts, and hot chips?! Some rice chonchi also came out too. They must think westerners eat a lot! Raining today so piled on the wet weather gear and warm clothes. I had on leg and arm warmers, windproof vest, light weight vest, light weight long sleeve, shirt and...

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Lhasa to Kathmandu Bike Ride Part 1

My good friends Mark and Bekk suggested we ride our bikes from Lhasa to Kathmandu – 1000km and high mountain passes over 5000 meters.  I didn’t own a bike other than a knock about weekender but I thought why not, sounds great – I better start training and also buy a better bike.  This isn’t a trip you can just do on your own, we booked a tour but had the advantage that it was just our group of friends on the tour – 7 of us in total.  It was a once in a life time experience and I’ll remember it forever. Kathmandu –...

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