Country Ride Walloon to Hiddenvale

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Saturday morning at 10am a motely crew of young and less young, and healthy and not as healthy group of 7 set off from John’s place at Walloon for a ride to Hidden Vale and back.   For the young and fully fit of which there was 1 – this was a training ride.  The next young and mostly healthy rider was also out to train, but not as hard and the other young one was recovering from a nasty lurgy which saw him sit out The Epic last weekend so he was on his first ride back – lets call it a “Recovering” ride.   The rest of us not so young anymore were out for a ride and would just be happy to get there and back and attack a few hills along the way.


Hiddenvale ride

Thanks Strava for all the maps of this ride.

Driving to Spicers Hidden Vale is pretty straight forward from Walloon, straight up Rosewood-Karrabin Rd to Rosewood and continue on through to Grandchester and turn off to Hiddenvale.  That road is busy and we preferred the back roads that run sort of parallel to it the whole way, they are a mixture of bitumen and dirt roads and mostly are very quiet roads with barely any cars on them which makes for a great ride in the country.

Ride to Hiddenvale

Rt turn on Taylors Rd (tar and dirt) from Haigslea-Amberley Rd, continue straight onto Thagoona-Haigslea Rd (Tar). Left at Mt Marrow school and continue straight across the main rd to Thagoona Trainstation. Look to your left on Thagoona-Haigslea Rd for views of Mt Barney and Mt Lindsey. Look both ways a couple of times when crossing Rosewood-Karrabin Rd!


While we road up Taylors Road the first of the hills presented themselves.  The first one not too bad but the second one on Thagoona-Haigslea Rd I all ways find tough, so while I slogged it up hill the young fit ones did a couple of hill repeats and finally caught up to us near the train station at Thagoona.  I had stopped to see if they were coming so had fallen away from my group, so when they caught up I yelled out for a tow/draft and thankfully they obliged.

ride to hiddenvale

From Thagoona Trainstation ride over the lines onto McGeary’s Rd and follow it all the way into a headwind to eventually turn Rt on Ipswich-Rosewood Rd. Ride up to Rosewood and continue around the bend towards Warrill View

After we crossed onto Ipswich-Rosewood Road John came up with the riding plan to tackle this long stretch of flat riding.  Young guns to lead off and we all to follow in one pack.  Good plan and Nicole managed to keep up with them but I was no hope and was thankful when I saw Erwin fall off the pack so we did it in two groups instead.  Ipswich-Rosewood Rd is a main road but it has a wide verge and everyone was polite except for one idiot who showed us the bird! Nice!

ride to hiddenvale

In Rosewood we regrouped and talked about how great a day this was to be riding.


Reillys Rd

Reillys Road


ride to Hiddenvale

Just around the bend from Rosewood, turn Right onto Reillys Rd, left Strongs Rd which bends around again to the right and then follow Waters Rd till it turns into Gibbs St at Calvert.  Most of these back roads are dirt roads and I was pleasantly surprised to find Waters Rd had been graded recently as I’ve done this ride before and that bit used to be bone shaking.


Hiddenvale Rd

With 30kms of riding done and a couple more Km’s for the young guns it was time for some tucker before tackling the hill up to Hiddenvale.

The young fit ones took off to the top to Hidden Vale and rode back down to us slower riders for a bit of extra work.  They also got attacked by the Magpie and so did Nicole.  Hiddenvale road starts off as bitumen and soon turns into a narrow dirt road which winds its way slowly up some gentle hills.

Hiddenvale Church

We have all arrived and found the bike parking lot at the turn around point St Anne’s Anglican Church.


Hiddenvale Church

The gate was locked so through the barb wire we must go


Hiddenvale Church

The views were worth it though and this handy little bench was well used. Nicole bought out her homemade energy balls and we feasted on those until the wind made us leave before we all froze.


Spicers Hiddenvale

Erwin dropped into Spicers Hidden Vale to fill up the water bottles. He could of stopped in at Homage and got a coffee and a cake too as I hear the restaurant there is pretty good.


hiddenvale ride

From Gibbs Rd in the little town of Calvert, turn left up Hiddenvale Rd and ride up the hill to Spicers Hiddenvale.  The ride back to Walloon we took a Right turn into Cummings Rd and then left to Ferling road, onto Bramwell road then Paten Road and Scanlan Road.  Then Left onto Kuss road and back to a right turn onto Waters Road again.

Once we’d had our fill of views and goodies that downhill from Hiddenvale was enjoyed by all.  We must of been going too fast for the magpie, as we didn’t see him again either.  The young ones went all the way to the bridge for some extra work, but we turned up Cummings Road and wound our way along more country back roads and over some hills and back to Waters Road again.  Everyone but me saw the already half dead Redbelly Black snake that Luke had “almost” bunny hopped.  I was thankful I’d missed it.

ride to hiddenvale

We took another way home from Waters Rd too. Left onto Lane Rd and over the railway tracks and over Rosewood-Karrabin Road too. Then at half way up the hill Right in to Reinke Road and follow it as it turns into Urry road to turn Right into Rosewood-Marburg Rd. Ride into Rosewood and either check out the town on John Street or take the back street on Albert Street. Turn Left onto Station street and follow it all the way to Thagoona Station. (this is not a busy road and has a nice wide verge). Just after turning left at the station turn right up Adelong Street in Rosewood suburbia and then left into Cummins Rd to the main road again. Choose whether to ride straight down the main road to Walloon or take the back roads to Taylors Road.


So far we were all travelling along well.  The less then healthy still alive and the young ones clicking up a lot more km’s then us.  We crossed over the railway tracks on to Lane Road and after a discussion about distance home and back roads (longer) verse main road (shorter) we continued on and avoided the traffic.  All was good until the hill up to Reinke Rd where Erwin declared that 2 hours and 50km was his usual limit before cramps would end his ride.  Considering we had done over 55km and 3 hours of riding I thought that was pretty good.  So while Erwin walked his bike up this little hill I waited and the young ones did yet more hill repeats!  Once on Reinke Rd it was 3 rolling hills in a row and while the downs where fun, Erwin was now no longer enjoying the up’s.  Nicole and I gave him one option…….left turn and down a side ride to the main drag and limp into Rosewood for a coffee and cake and we will pick you up in the car soon.

Now lost from the group we tackled the hills and rode up to Rosewood were John was waiting (and wondering) for us and the young ones were in the IGA raiding it of food.  We could see Erwin in the distance not so much enjoying another small hill and apparently getting attacked by a magpie at the same time!

Homeward bound now it was head down and ride.  Nicole and I took off and I shamelessly tucked in behind her for the long stretch along Station Rd to Thagoona Train station.  John and the less then healthy young ones joined us and Luke who now just wanted to notch up 100km on the mountain bike took the long way around and down Ipswich-Rosewood Road and soon joined us too.  Up through Rosewood suburbia and then we decided to take the shorter main road down to Walloon and to John’s house, where I personally endured rather then enjoyed the last slight uphill on Haigslea-Amberley Rd.  Luke went the longer way and I spied him coming down Taylors Rd and thought he must be just behind me.  Not so….he’d apparently only done 90km by that stage so went and did another loop to Rosewood suburbia and while we were all enjoying recovery food he rode in as proud as punch that he’d done a 101km ride on his mountain bike.  Matt did 84km and the rest of us 70km

Erwin was well looked after in Rosewood and enjoyed his cappuccino done just the way he likes it and also found some yummy banana cake.

Thanks everyone for a great ride and thank-you Matt and Luke for the tows and Momo who on a couple of occasions found me on his wheel getting a free ride too.

Note:  I found out later Matt and Luke did the whole ride at pace and only “recovered” when they towed me along.  Thanks boys.

What a day for a ride. Spring in Southeast Queensland is a delight.

What a day for a ride. Spring in Southeast Queensland is a delight.

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