Monthly Archive: September 2015

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Country Ride Walloon to Hiddenvale

Saturday morning at 10am a motely crew of young and less young, and healthy and not as healthy group of 7 set off from John’s place at Walloon for a ride to Hidden Vale and back.   For the young and fully fit of which there was 1 – this was a training ride.  The next young and mostly healthy rider was also out to train, but not as hard and the other young one was recovering from a nasty lurgy which saw him sit out The Epic last weekend so he was on his first ride back – lets call it a “Recovering” ride.   The rest of us not so young anymore were...

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Lhasa to Kathmandu Bike Ride Part 3

Day 9 Belbar to past Tingery We all decided on an early start today so took off at 8am hoping to get the best views and it made for a cold morning ride. Had on arm warmers, shirt, lightweight vest and jacket and windstopper vest and jacket, knicks and leg warmers! 3km slightly downhill to the checkpoint, sun coming up so lovely colours and not too bright for photos. Rode along a river with barley flowers either side and big cliffs/hills and craggy peaks, it was beautiful. Before long we came to the EBC check point – we all filed in...

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