Monthly Archive: December 2004

Chilling out at Barron Pass with Frenchmans Cap behind us 0

Frenchmans Cap – Tasmania

This walk to Frenchmans Cap was the second of two 4 day walks in Tasmania in December 2004.  The first walk was in the Walls of Jerusalem ending at Lake St Clair, with a night at the Derwent Bridge Hotel in between.   We were a group of 13 amazing people from aged from 60+ to early 20’s.  A couple of minor mishaps (an unglamorous creek crossing and a twisted knee) held back 3 intrepids, so the final 10 trekked on and climb up Frenchmans Cap.   Although there were no injuries on this trip, there was a case of gastro lingering.  This Diary and the photo’s of the Frenchmans Cap...

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